Why Your Protection Team?

Here at Your Protection Team we aim to prevent up to 100% of your unwanted calls. Not only will we act against companies calling you directly, we aim to also tackle the problem at the source. We will also work towards getting your details removed from the Data Companies who regularly sell your personal information to call centres across the globe.

We're here for you!

It's Your Call..

We Take Action

Data Controllers

Everyone at some time in their life has experienced Nuisance, Malicious or unwanted Sales or Marketing Calls.

Many feel powerless to stop them!

How can you stop them?

By registering with Your Protection Team LTD today you are taking the first step in preventing these calls.

At Your Protection Team we will proactively target any company who has called you, that you report to us. We will on your behalf contact the company and demand all your details are permanently deleted from their database. And no further calls are made to your number.

Should the company re-contact you, or fail to comply, we will submit a report to the ICO on your behalf and instigate Legal action as this is now termed as a form of harassment.

​Upon registration with Your Protection Team LTD, we will ensure you are registered with the TPS, that ensures that after the initial 28 day registration period, that any calls made after this point are indeed illegal, and we can then act lawfully to get all your details removed.

​With your help, we can regain your privacy on your landline once and for all.

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