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We do our very best to stay informed about the latest telephone scams and aim to provide up to date information to help prevent our clients being caught out. Please see a list below and click the link for further information.

BT/Talk Talk Scams

​Calls from someone claiming to be from your telephone/broadband supplier, it is normally BT or Talk Talk that have been reported.

​The caller claims there is an outstanding balance needing to be cleared immediately or they will disconnect you. Many have said they do not believe this and they are told to hang up and you will be disconnected this is often enough however, just to prove it, as they rang you, the trick is to mute you and wait for you to hang up they are then able to hear you trying to make an outbound call, but you can not, as they are still on the line.

​Once you have hung up, so do they, they then ring you back, asking for your credit/debit card details to clear the balance, which sadly a lot of people do, it is at this point that money is with drawn from your account for no reason. If you suspect that it is a scam, simply contact your provider, do not give any details over the telephone.

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